New Book release

This is an extremely important subject I do not have a Kindle I’m in the process of trying to download it on another type of device if you get a chance look over this information. Thank you so much for bringing light to this issue.

Trigger Points: Childhood Abuse Survivors Experiences of Parenting


Trigger Points Anthology has now been re-released with additional essays and resources under the new title Parenting with PTSD! From now until midnight October 14 you can download a free copy on Amazon. Follow the links below:




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2 thoughts on “New Book release”

    1. No I was just lucky enough to run across it and I said thank God we have more and more people getting on board and it just excites me to know that our voices are going to be heard one way or another it’s not the fact that the there the Predators the violent offenders or the abusers or the narcissistic parents and the families who keep it a secret it’s the government and that the state employees who walk away knowing it’s happening that’s even worse than any of it and they have to be held accountable


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