When I said I forgive you, it doesn’t mean you can do it again.

I moved in with my uncle a couple of years ago. I looked up to him. I looked up to him because he went to church and knows the Bible back and forth. So I really tried to please him and pay enough rent. I gave him ideas on how to save money. Well he yelled at me one too many times. He has no boundaries. It actually hurt my feelings the first few times. Now I realized, what am I thinking. I just have to be careful and not catch myself being a victim again. You have to pay attention to the behaviour of the people you are around and are they controlling are they manipulative just pay attention to your instincts and keep your eyes wide open. And know that you are the most important person in your life and to love yourself and you have a purpose my purpose tell my story so other people and other women can know they can stand up for themselves too. And no matter what religion you are it’s really all about being a good person.

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